Top Questions about the Bible

From time to time, everyone has a question they’d like to ask God.

Is it ok to have questions for God?

Yes. Almost every hero of the faith in the Bible questioned God at one point or another. In many ways, asking hard questions and seeking the truth is essential to every person’s faith journey.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” 
– Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Common Questions about the Bible and Faith

Here are some of the top questions people have for God. Answers here hopefully help and encourage you along your journey for truth. However, complete understanding may not be possible until we see God face to face.

At one point or another, we’ll all experience the death of a friend or loved one. These experiences cause us to think about what happens after we pass away. The Bible explains that a part of every person is eternal. This is the part of a person that goes beyond their blood and muscle. 

The Bible also explains that God wants everyone to be with Him forever in heaven. It’s an open invitation to every person who becomes a follower of Jesus. However, God will never force people toward faith. Therefore, God also allows every human the choice to not spent eternity with Him. It’s a decision every person on earth must determine during their lifetime.

The Bible is clear that God is in charge of all things and has a plan for the end of the world as we know it. Understanding and explaining how the Bible describes the end of the world is difficult. Theologians often interpret Biblical passages pertaining to the end of the world differently. However, there are three things followers of Jesus can agree on.

First, the Bible is very clear that the world will eventually come to an end. Jesus explained that earth would one day pass away. Second, how it will happen remains a mystery. Jesus was very clear that no one knows when the end will come. Third, Jesus promises to help you face every challenge of life. Believers were never promised to have less trouble than other people. However, Jesus does promise to help those who ask through any and every trouble of life.

The Bible has sold millions of copies and is the best selling book of all time. It was written over 1,500 years, by around 40 authors, but still has one clear point: God’s love for people!

It’s made up of 66 books. The first 39 are called the “Old Testament” and explain the creation of earth and God’s special relationship with one nation– Israel. Many of the books chronicle the birth and growth of the nation of Israel and have proven historically accurate again and again. 

The New Testament is made up of 27 books and begins with the birth of Jesus, includes the beginning of the church, and eventually the end of the world. The historical accuracy of the New Testament is also amazing. A few thousand original manuscripts of the New Testament are still in existence, ensuring its accuracy through time.  

Sometimes there are no good answers to tough questions. If you are in the midst of great loss or brokenness, no logical answer will sufficiently solve your question or take away your pain. Instead, do know the God of the universe is near the brokenhearted. This means God is near you right now.   

In regards to an answer, bad things were never a part of God’s original plan. God gave humans the ability to choose to follow Him or not. Almost immediately humans thought we knew better than God and brokenness entered the world. This brokenness bled into all things and has been carried from person to person like a genetic disease ever since. 

The good news is God never gave up on His beloved creation. He had a plan to heal our brokenness through Jesus. God now offers the gift of a new life to every human on earth. This new life doesn’t promise to protect us from pain, but God does promise His presence and power to face every challenge.  

Religion is a particular system of beliefs usually involving some type of moral code followed by its followers. Skeptics may believe religion is nothing more than a coping mechanism for human beings – a mechanism of self-comfort and a way to make themselves feel like their life has a higher purpose. However, there’s something in the soul of every human that is searching for- more. We want to know why we’re here and hope we have purpose beyond paying taxes. 

Over time, this search for meaning has led to the creation of various religions. Almost all of these religions offer some sort of path to holiness or enlightenment through following certain rules and principles. Christianity is different. Instead of rules, Christianity is about developing a relationship with God. Any person can have a relationship with the God of the universe directly, any time and anywhere. You don’t need to go through a priest, be perfect, or have completed a certain pathway. You are invited to connect with God just as you are right now.

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