You’re Invited to

Candlelight Christmas Eve

At Victory Lutheran Church

You and your whole family are invited to celebrate Christmas Eve this year at Victory Lutheran Church!

We offer multiple service times for you to attend in person or watch online. Whether you’ve been a churchgoer your whole life, or you’re just starting out in your faith journey, we created a Christmas Eve celebration just for you!

Why We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas, a time of joy and celebration, holds deep significance in the Christian faith as it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose arrival was foretold in the Scriptures. It’s a reminder of God’s love and the fulfillment of His promise to humanity.

Celebrating Christmas goes beyond the rituals and decorations; it is an opportunity to renew faith and spread the teachings of Christ. It encourages believers to embody the virtues of kindness, generosity, and forgiveness, mirroring the example set by Jesus. Thus, Christmas is a moment of spiritual reflection and joy, an expression of gratitude for the greatest gift bestowed upon humanity, and a chance to share the enduring message of love and salvation with the world.

Christmas is about God’s Great Love.

The Bible tells the story of God’s great love for people. Out of his unimaginable love for us, God offered a bright new world to men and women. Unfortunately, they chose to turn away from God and darkness crept into the soul of every human. This darkness is passed from parent to child like an inherited gene. We see evidence of it on the news every single night.

Instead of giving up on people, God delivered good news!

The good news is that God has a plan. He sacrificed his own Son for the world as a beacon of hope. Jesus is God’s Son, sent into the world to pave the way for every single person on earth to experience new life. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.

This is the story of Christmas — the birth of Jesus Christ

Times and Location

December 24, 2023
– 1:00 PM
– 3:00 PM (with choir)
– 5:00 PM (with choir)
– 7:00 PM
– 9:00 PM (With communion)
1pm-7pm: Staffed nursery available

5946 E. University Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85205

What to Expect

Arriving at Victory Lutheran Church

When you arrive at Victory Lutheran Church for our Christmas Eve services, you will find an ample parking lot and will be able to easily find a spot. When you enter the building, there will be greeters at the door helping you to find your way to the sanctuary. If you have kids and want them to enjoy our staffed nursery, greeters and volunteers will be happy to assist you in finding the location. Once you enter the main service area, feel free to sit wherever you’d like.


  • The service lasts about 60 minutes

The church service begins with a beautiful prelude that helps us to set our hearts in the mood of worship. After a warm welcome we sing christmas carols. As the the words of the songs are shown on large screens feel free to participate if you feel comfortable.

Pastor Todd Mathison will share a short message with Christmas lessons from the Bible and then we proceed to the most expected part of the service, the candle lighting. As we light our candles we sing together Silent Night in an incredible atmosphere of peace and joy.

Christmas Eve at Victory has an unique experience and impact that is hard to describe in words. We are thrilled to have you joining us in those special moments.

What about my kids?

Your children are welcome to join you in the service. However, we also have an incredible nursery available wich will be fully staffed during the services of 1, 3, 5, and 7pm. Simply follow the signs for Nursery to register your children. When you check in, you’re asked to fill out some information so we have a way to contact you in the unlikely event you are needed during the service. This also ensures a secure drop-off and pickup procedure for the safety of our children.

Watch Christmas Eve Online

The Christmas Eve services of 3pm and 5pm will be available online. Simply click the button below during the service and you’ll be able to join the service live. If you miss the scheduled live service, don’t worry, you’ll also be able to watch on demand.

Christmas Activity Kit

Click the button below to download a Christmas Activity Kit. This kit is full of recipes, crafts, and fun activities for kids. It’s packed with great Christmas-oriented family fun.

If you’re trying to find more meaning this Christmas or searching for hope this holiday, we believe you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of our Christmas Eve services. It won’t be the same without you, so we truly hope you’ll attend.