Men’s Ministry

Live a bold life in community as you explore principles of growth, leadership, and adventure with men just like you.

Find Strength in Numbers

You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Connect with like-minded men who are discovering the tools to be better leaders, friends, citizens, husbands, fathers, and sons.

There’s An Adventure Waiting For You

The men of Victory Lutheran Church embark upon exciting discussions, adventurous sports, and other group activities to fill your life with excitement and brotherhood.

Don’t Travel This Journey Alone

Many times, men find it difficult to navigate the pathway of new friendships. Through the responsibilities of caring for families and making an identity and a name for ourselves in this world, men need to know we are not alone on this journey. Find strength in a group of men who are working together to make an impact in the world.

7 Daily Goals Every Man Needs

Every day is a new opportunity to become the person you want to be. Start each day off right by discovering seven goals every man needs.

If you’re looking for an encouraging celebration of manhood, we believe you’ll find what you’re searching for at our Men’s Ministry.

It won’t be the same without you, so we hope you’ll attend

Consider Yourself Invited

As a man, it’s important to know you’re not alone. We’d love to invite you to check out our church this weekend. It’s the kind of place where imperfect people feel at home. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we think you’ll love it!